Monday, July 03, 2006

It's A Beached Whale. It's a Soap. It's a Bath Fizzy.

I sometimes get these grand ideas making soaps. Well, this was one of my more *brilliant* ones. I thought "how cool would it be to have a fizzy with a soap that floats off" - and coincidentally, I ran across a plastic toy whale I had. BIG MISTAKE.

After a few attempts, I ended up with an OOPs. The "water" didn't wrap around the beach. So, it's on sale and I've abandoned future projects. So much for venturing into Cutedom.

One beached whale, coming out of the turquoise soap ocean onto a blue jojoba bead speckled beach which actually is a fizzie. My idea was to make these to drop into the bath for scent, the fizzy - well, fizzies - soap releases and the toy for the little one to play with while mom/dad/other adult uses the released soap. See pic 2 for the "oops" part - the sea kind of missed part of the beach. Too much PITA to make, so this is the one. Scented lavender (essential oil). There is tad of added cocoa butter so please exercise caution as it may make the tub a tad slippery. Toy not recommended for kids under age 3.


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