Sunday, July 30, 2006

Do you have a fear of committing to anything?

I am one of those hopeless people who loves sampling products. Or maybe it's just a fear of commitment.

Surely there are others like me? Want to try some soaps or other bath & beauty products without committing to one thing?

Try this sampler.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Tubes to Glide Over & Lube Your Lips :: Tubes May Make The Girls Jump You, In A Good Way

I like lip glosses but I sometimes find them - well - too glossy. I like the nourishment of a lip balm, but well, I often find them, er, a bit too waxy. Well, what is a girl to do? Of course, make her own gloss-balm hybrid, conveniently packaged into a twist-up tube so you can carry your lip lube in your bag or in your desk.

My own blend of beeswax (vegan option available upon request), vegetable oils & vitamin E (organic, not synthetic) and flavor. It's firm in texture without being waxy and just . . . glides.

Lest you think this is just for girls, dudes like them as well. One of my recent buyers told me her hubby took her Mojito lip lube - I suppose that's a good sign. Except she doesn't have her mojito any more . . .

The other 2 tubes in this 4-some are 2 tubes of solid perfumes. Yeah, take those wherever you go or just stick one in your desk or gym locker (that might be a good thing).

Click here or on the pic to get more info - I'm raising prices on everything August 1, so get them now at this phenom price. I mean, you can't even see a matinee movie for $6 - far better to smell good and have soft, luscious lips, don't you think? RO for list of scents and flavors.

:: IF YOU LIKE PINA COLADAS - a wonderful blend of coconut & pineapple

:: Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries - for some reason this reminds me off Tess Of The D'Urbevilles and Godiva

:: Chocolate Banana - childhood nostalgia if you're like me and had these at fairs

:: Banana & Coconut - inspired by one of my fav Vietnamese desserts - deep-fried banana and coconut ice cream

:: mmm Mango - (sweetened) yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy! imo, the next best thing to the nectar mangos I've had in the Caribbean. Ya, mon!

:: COFFEE - for those who wish coffee tasted just like it smells ~ for those of us who would like to break a caffeine habit . . .

:: CHAI TEA SPICE BLEND - smells just like the chai tea I like - can we say cassia, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and nutmeg? yum.

:: Rose - weird, I know, but did anyone else notice a lot of high-end cosmetics smell of rose? Hoity-toity without the accompanying price tag or snooty wanna-be models behind the counter

:: Chardonnay Grapes - I think it smells like sweet grapes + something not quite defineable

:: Pineapple

:: Lime & Pineapple

:: Lime & Coconut

:: Lime

:: Clove

:: Orange & Clove

:: Cinnamon

:: Cinnamon & Clove


:: Coconut & Chocolate - some times you feel like a nut, some times you don't . . . (*music playing*)

Solid scents - lots more but here are my favs:
Bay Rum
A sexy masculine scent. No need to be more articulate than that. The men who use it love it, others love the scent on their men. I don't know if this is pheromone in a tube (not that kind of tube) but it sure smells like it.

Luscious Lavender
I am not a big fan of straight lavender, but I've done a little mixing with some other essential oils and I love the resulting scent in this soap - I've converted a number of "non-lavender" types with this scent. A blend of essential oils, yielding lavender with a hint of sweet woodsiness & a breath of citrus.

Stroke Me
OK, so I'm being slightly tongue-in-cheek. But this scent made me think warm, velvety and strokable. Warm scents of musk, amber, sandalwood and a touch of vanilla, contains fragrance. I don't particularly like any of those scents alone but this blend ROCKS. Unisex.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Rave review from the chicks at WickedlyChic!

OK, so this is a bit late - but my gift box of 7 items got a great review from the wickedly chic chicks!!! I love it when other people like and, better yet, write about my goodies. NO wonder monkey is smiling :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

It's A Beached Whale. It's a Soap. It's a Bath Fizzy.

I sometimes get these grand ideas making soaps. Well, this was one of my more *brilliant* ones. I thought "how cool would it be to have a fizzy with a soap that floats off" - and coincidentally, I ran across a plastic toy whale I had. BIG MISTAKE.

After a few attempts, I ended up with an OOPs. The "water" didn't wrap around the beach. So, it's on sale and I've abandoned future projects. So much for venturing into Cutedom.

One beached whale, coming out of the turquoise soap ocean onto a blue jojoba bead speckled beach which actually is a fizzie. My idea was to make these to drop into the bath for scent, the fizzy - well, fizzies - soap releases and the toy for the little one to play with while mom/dad/other adult uses the released soap. See pic 2 for the "oops" part - the sea kind of missed part of the beach. Too much PITA to make, so this is the one. Scented lavender (essential oil). There is tad of added cocoa butter so please exercise caution as it may make the tub a tad slippery. Toy not recommended for kids under age 3.